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Hat Box - Large - Zebra Print
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Add a Hat Filler

In between sizes? Want your hat to fit your head perfectly? Look no further than our hat filler. A little foam adhesive that you can stick inside your hat to fill out the extra space between your head and the hat. You can add as little or as much as you'd like to ensure the hat if the perfect fit for you.

Your new hat storage solution. Look after your beautiful hat collection with our new Lack of Color traditional round hatbox. Features traditional corded handle the allows box to be carried from top or side. 

  • Hand made in strong paper board
  • Custom Print matte laminated Zebra Vintage Print exterior
  • Lack of Color logo in White
  • White interior 
  • Traditional tonal corded handles for top or side carry
  • Hat box is suitable for medium - large brimmed hat.
  • Suitable for all hats except for Spencer Wide Boater and Ultra Wide Palma. 


Hat box measures: 480 mm diameter x 200 mm high

  • Each box can store up to 3-4 standard height hats comfortably