Throw caution to the wind and follow the signs. The road less travelled is waiting…

From earthy tones to unexpected pops of colour, the new collection from Lack of Color revels in the unpredictable, the allure of the unknown and the mystery of tomorrow. Featuring the delicate beauty and charm of Camille Rowe and captured by photographer Jason Lee Parry in the desert foothills of Palm Springs, Illusion features 18 new styles including a range of unisex options.

The subdued hues of the all-new Rancher in Grey and Dusty Purple deliver the ultimate nod to mystical moments and new adventures. Additional new colour options across the collection include stunning Red Sierra, Coco, and Forest Green.

Greet warm days with the straw Noir Inca Bucket, while staying classically cosy with the new terry bucket styles as the sun sets on another day chasing the light.

Life’s joys and pleasures are more than just a faraway illusion… what will you see next?

The Mirage - Coco Regular price $139.00

The Mirage - Forest Regular price $139.00

Rose Zulu Regular price $99.00

Stone Rancher Regular price $129.00

Dreamer Rancher Regular price $129.00

Lavender Lolita Regular price $139.00

Aqua Beverly Regular price $139.00

The Sierra - Ruby Regular price $129.00

The Spencer Boater - Suede Regular price $89.00

The Jacinto - Tan Regular price $99.00

Western Desert Palma Regular price $119.00

The Indio Special Regular price $119.00

The Inca Bucket - Noir Regular price $129.00

Wave Bucket - Cherry Terry Regular price $99.00

Wave Bucket - Coffee Terry Regular price $99.00

Wave Bucket - Tangerine Terry Regular price $99.00

Wave Bucket - Mint Terry Regular price $99.00

Holiday Bucket - Violet Bloom Regular price $119.00