Easy days, warm nights and the freedom of exploration. Lack of Color returns with the Sunbathing in Arizona collection – a spirited foray into the unspoiled splendour of the great outdoors.

Embracing the simplicity and power of neutral hues across a variety of designs and fabrics, the Sunbathing in Arizona collection explores fresh styles in the form of the canvas cotton bucket hat and the all-new woven leather visors & baker boy caps.

Breathing new life into the brands’ timeless aesthetic is the textured zig zag wheat straw hat with a swiss velvet neck tie, as well as straw hats handwoven by artisans in Mexico, wool hats elegantly complimented by vintage 60s ribbon and, of course, Lack of Color’s signature handwoven Panama hat.

Shot on location by Jason Lee Parry, Sunbathing in Arizona captures the essence of days spent poolside, sunset adventures, unforgettable road trips and wandering the beaten path. 

Wave Bucket Hat - Eco Denim Regular price $89.00

Mesa Cap – Tan Regular price $179.00

Mesa Cap – Brown Regular price $179.00

Mesa Cap – Beige Regular price $159.00

Wave Bucket Hat – Beige Regular price $79.00

Wave Bucket Hat – Black Regular price $79.00

Coco Rancher Regular price $129.00

The Phoenix Regular price $139.00

The Sierra – Gold Regular price $129.00

Dolce Sun Hat Regular price $129.00

Rico Straw Boater Regular price $89.00

Cruz Panama II Regular price $189.00

The Violette Boater Regular price $99.00

Wanderer Boater Regular price $79.00

Western Wide Palma Regular price $119.00