Is this a reflection of a time gone by? It isn’t unusual to see Lack of Color reminiscing on the style and design of yesteryear and for their most recent offering, that ideology remains unchanged. LOC reflects on the simpler times, times spent together. Endless days spent driving through the countryside, dancing together all night and blistering poolside BBQs. The campaign was shot in their native Australia and encapsulates the essence of the times that were, of days gone by and includes numerous styles for both Men & Women.

Revolution is Lack of Color’s most unique collection yet, offering twenty two new styles with a strong vintage influence. LOC’s signature vintage ribbons adorn their brightly coloured wool hats, in new tones such as forest green, rose pink and navy blue. The introduction of two vintage-inspired flicked edge fedoras, with custom made scarves and vintage rose raffia straw hats are an ode to their signature style of making the old new again and breathing new life into their timeless designs.

The range also sees the introduction of new terry towel bucket hats in a striking zebra and leopard print, with the addition of two vegan leather bucket hats. The Celestial Boater with handmade gold Conchos is sure to make a statement and amplifies the notion that this really is LOC’s most eclectic range to date.

Come get lost in the fondness of yesteryear and reflect on a time gone by, while looking towards a new way forward, with Lack of Color’s new 2019 range, Revolution. 

Benson Tri - Brown Regular price $149.00

sale Benson Tri - Zodiac
Benson Tri - Zodiac Regular price $149.00 $99.00

Sierra Rose Regular price $159.00

sale Ivy Beverly
Ivy Beverly Regular price $149.00 $79.00

Celestial Boater Regular price $199.00

sale Melodic Fedora - Forest
Melodic Fedora - Forest Regular price $159.00 $99.00

sale Melodic Fedora - Ivory
Melodic Fedora - Ivory Regular price $199.00 $99.00

sale Melodic Fedora - Black
Melodic Fedora - Black Regular price $199.00 $89.00

sale Juno Boater - Brown
Juno Boater - Brown Regular price $149.00 $89.00

Juno Boater - Cream Regular price $159.00

Val Diamond - White Regular price $129.00

sale The Zulu II
The Zulu II Regular price $119.00 $89.00

sale Navy Rancher
Navy Rancher Regular price $129.00 $89.00

sale Spencer Boater Special
Spencer Boater Special Regular price $119.00 $79.00

Ultra Wide Palma Boater Regular price $139.00

sale Hutton Sun Hat
Hutton Sun Hat Regular price $149.00 $89.00

sale Aruba Fray Boater
Aruba Fray Boater Regular price $109.00 $79.00

Wave Bucket - Lace Regular price $99.00

Wave Bucket - Zebra Regular price $99.00

Wave Bucket - Leopard Regular price $99.00

Wave Bucket - Camel Regular price $99.00

Wave Bucket - Pink Regular price $99.00