Close your eyes and cast your imagination to someplace a little more than out there. A world off the beaten track, a beautiful chaos, an abstract escape. Forget the now and let your mind and spirit run free.

Shot on location by Jason Lee Parry in Arcosanti – an experimental and remote town in the high desert of Arizona, Lack of Color presents their latest collection, Utopia.

Featuring 19 key pieces, this collection welcomes a subtle yet energised tone and sensibility. Three new hats suitably named ‘The Mirage’ embrace a fresh new style with statement suede bands, while pastel pink and red colourway Ranchers add a playful and optimistic quality. Complementing the range are new pastel and raffia straw buckets, as well as a refreshed green print of the popular floral holiday bucket style.

Isolated yet beautiful – a sentiment felt throughout the world and echoed within Utopia.

The Mirage - Teak Regular price $139.00

The Mirage - Ivory Regular price $139.00

The Mirage - Black Regular price $139.00

The Mirage Boater - Brown Regular price $119.00

Ruby Rancher Regular price $129.00

Stardust Rancher Regular price $129.00

The Cosmic Boater - Navy Regular price $199.00

The Melodic Fedora - Ivory Regular price $129.00

Ivory Zulu Regular price $99.00

Moss Zulu Regular price $99.00

Val Diamond - Desert Regular price $129.00

The Vista Regular price $129.00

The Vienna Regular price $99.00

The Cove Regular price $149.00

The Inca Bucket Regular price $129.00

Wave Bucket - Lavender Terry Regular price $99.00

Wave Bucket - Beige Terry Regular price $99.00

Wave Bucket - Pastel Pink Terry Regular price $99.00

Holiday Bucket - Ivy Bloom Regular price $119.00