• 'Pacific' - 2024

    'Pacific' - 2024

    A world of serenity and calm. Time spent under the golden sun. A retreat into your own personal peace. This is PACIFIC. Featuring 12 new styles, the latest collection from Lack of Color celebrates earth-fuelled tones and natural beauty. From neutr...
  • 'Essence' - 2024

    'Essence' - 2024

    Discover the beautiful truth that lies within and the promise of something beyond ourselves. Welcome to ESSENCE, the latest collection by Lack of Color. Shot locally in Australia, ESSENCE celebrates the unknown. An ethereal place we’ve never been...
  • 2023

    'Rework' - 2023

    Inspired by the simplicity and elegance of timeless design, we bring you our new collection, Rework. A rework of some of our forever favourite designs. A moment in time. A stillness.
  • 'Arcadia' - 2023

    'Arcadia' - 2023

    Welcome to Arcadia. A place where the beauty of nature guides and inspires, and the endless spirit of summer awaits. Where paired back is more, and the freedom of simplicity is at your fingertips. Featuring seven new styles, this curated collecti...
  • 2023

    'The LOC Cap' - 2023

    After more than a decade of timeless hats inspired by adventure and the power of nostalgia, we are releasing our very first collection of caps. Inspired by vintage finds that feel as comfortable and familiar as an old favorite, the LOC Cap is made...
  • 2022

    'Paradis' - 2022

    A step back in time, a dream escape, a nod to a simpler era where form and functionality came together as one. Captured on location at Unal House in the South of France, our Paradis collection embodies the unexpe...
  • 2022

    'Cowboy' - 2022

    Saddle up and stare down the dusty path, our limited edition Cowboy Collection has arrived. Inspired by the classic Westerns of the 1950s, and featuring nine new handmade styles, each piece is unique in its own way.