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Introducing a fresh era of baseball caps for men. Featuring vegan materials, 100% cotton, and natural fibers, our styles enhance your personal style while seamlessly providing sun-protection.

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The well-worn aesthetic of our washed cotton caps for men make them the perfect companion for leisurely days in the sun. For days spent beachside or poolside, a men’s cap adds a stylish and sun-safe touch. Embrace a hint of vintage inspiration in our Riviera Cap range, or welcome lightweight and breathable options in our collection of men’s cotton hats, including a range of classic 6 panel men’s caps.

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Explore a variety of colors and designs in our collection of mens caps. For something to keep you warm in the Winter, check out Lack of Color's exclusive men's beanies collection for the best in warmth and comfort. We've got you covered, ladies, with our diverse range of women’s caps, ensuring both sun safety and style. Refresh your look with Lack of Color's range of men's caps. Shop now.

Men's Caps & Baseball Caps