Wide Brim Felt Hat

Welcome a world of style in Lack of Color’s wide brim felt hats. Statement style meets sunprotection in our wide brim felt hats, crafted from 100% Australian wool. More than just accessories - they provide UPF50+ rated sun protection, tested under the Australian sun. Bask in the sunshine with confidence, knowing your headwear is backed by quality craftsmanship and sun-safety.

Discover Into Our Collection Of Wool Hats With Wide Brim

The epitome of style and warmth is here with Lack of Color's range of wool hats with wide brims. Our collection includes fedoras, ranchers, wide brimmed bucket hats, and boaters, all crafted with precision from high-quality materials. These wide-brim designs not only elevate your style but also provide an extra layer of warmth during cooler seasons. Whether you're drawn to a classic wide-brimmed fedora or wide brimmed straw hats, Lack of Color has a style to suit every taste. Our womens and mens wool hats with brims really are the perfect choice.

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Lack of Color's wide brim felt hats offer a stunning collection that includes timeless favorites such as wool fedora hats. Enjoy the convenience of fast shipping and stress-free returns, making your shopping experience seemless. Shop Lack of Color's wide brim felt hats today.

Wide Brim Felt Hat