The Lack of Color Christmas Gift Guide

Not sure what to buy for that special someone this Christmas? Look no further than our LOC Christmas Gift Guide. Full of helpful hints to make sure you give the perfect hat this Christmas!

  1. The Russo

This is really a no-brainer. Sun hat to keep you protected all summer long – check. Chic and eye-catching – check. Under $100 – check. The Russo is the perfect gift for your bestie, friend, Mum, Sister, Auntie and pretty much any fashion forward woman you know who loves to be in the summer sun.

$89 -

  1. The Silence

This is one of our best-selling, classic men’s / unisex styles. 100% soft Australian wool and a dark brown 100% genuine leather band make this hat effortlessly cool. It’s the perfect staple hat for your boyfriend, Dad, Brother or quirky Uncle.

$79 -

  1. The Stardust Fedora

Who doesn’t love pastel pink?! This bright, bubbly fedora is full of fun and flirt and is perfect for the pink-obsessed. Think your little sister, your niece, cousin, friend or colleague.

$59 -

  1. The Cove

When designing our new Summer 2016 collection, we had long languid days spent poolside and stylish Summer outfits in mind. The Cove is a super cool, threaded nude leather hat – perfect for a gift with a little bit of edge. Constructed of 100% genuine leather this hat is perfect for any boho babe.

$159 -

  1. The Spencer Boater

One of our best selling, staple styles. If you want your loved one (or yourself) to be floating around looking like a cool Parisian goddess, then this is the hat for you. Simple, understated and will keep you cool (in more ways than one) during the warmer months. This hat is perfect for any lady or fashion forward man in your life.

$59 –

  1. The Mack

Instant cool in a hat. The light speckled stone wash grey 100% Australian wool contrasts perfectly against the genuine nude leather band. This hat is a go to staple and will instantly transform any outfit. Perfect for your wife, girlfriend or even boyfriend. This hat is an amazing all-rounder.

$89 –

  1. The Sunnydip

This one will protect the goods all Summer long. It really is so important to be sun smart and protect our beautiful faces from the harsh UV rays pounding down at this time of year. The intricate woven detailing of this hat makes it distinctive in style and you will be longing for a day at the beach to show off your new gem.

$79 –

  1. Montana Midnight Muse II

This one will put you on the map. One of best selling styles and the ultimate in chic accessories – our wide brimmed Montana Midnight Muse II. Black on black, stiff brim for wearability. This hat instantly transforms any outfit. Any sophisticated lady in your life would be thrilled to receive this hat in their Christmas stocking.

$109 -

  1. The Sunset Palms Boater

Peachy keen for summer and a hat that will have all eyes on you? Look no further than The Sunset Palms Boater. It really is the most perfect shade of pastel peach. Perfect for the girly-girl who is yearning to add a pop of colour to her wardrobe.

$69 -

  1. The Mirage

The Mirage is a wardrobe must-have. It’s perfect for the type of guy or gal that wants a little variation to black. An easy to wear silhouette, it’s a great gift for anyone – your sister, brother, BFF, girlfriend or boyfriend. The neutral camel brown wool will compliment your summer wardrobe perfectly.

$59 -

  1. The Silver Haze

If you’re after some pastel grey in your life, then the Silver Haze is for you. This hat is really effortless and has a hint of shine with its French metallic band. Perfect for someone who has a lot of white / cream in their wardrobe.

$59 -

  1. Lack of Color – Gift Voucher

If all else fails and you have absolutely no idea what size, style or hat is the right fit for your loved one this Christmas, look no further than an LOC Gift Voucher. Available in $50, $100 and $150 values. We can also custom make any value you like – email us at for any gift voucher requests you may have.

$100, $150, $200, $250 -

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping.


The LOC Team x


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