Wide Brim Hats

Sun protection and style come together in Lack of Color’s wide brim hat collection. Designed to stand out from the crowd, a wide brimmed hat adds a chic touch to any outfit. Our range of wide brim hats offer styles with a UPF50+ rating for sun protection, tested under the Australian sun.

Mens & Womens Wide Brimmed Hats

Take on summer days in style with full brim hats designed to protect you from harsh sun rays. For cooler days ahead, our wool felt black wide brim hat offers a cosy alternative. Whatever season you are looking for, Lack of Color offer a wide-brimmed hat that never goes out of style.

Shop Wide Brim Hats at Lack Of Color

Shop wide-brimmed hats today at Lack of Color, with a range of styles including classic wide brimmed straw hats, wool hats and bucket hats. Comfort and style for all four seasons. Start your Lack of Color collection today with the benefit of fast shipping and easy returns.

Wide Brim Hats

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